Weekend in Europe in September and October? Here are some cities you do not know but that will amaze you,it

àvila spagna città accessibili

Let's talk about two things we like a lot and that both are important to us: travel and accessibility.,,it,September and October are two months chosen by many as an ideal time to travel, for lower costs, the reduced presence of mass tourism that can become a deterrent especially for people with disabilities.,,it,Today we talk about cities that (perhaps) feel nominate for the first time but who have received accolades for their levels of accessibility as well as environmental and cultural beauty.,,it,Let 's see how many you know,,it,If you search destinations for your next trip you can also read:,,it,Six cities really cool (and accessible) in Europe,,it,10 undervalued European cities but that we should visit,,it

Settembre e ottobre sono due mesi scelti da molti come periodo ideale per un viaggio, per i costi più bassi, la minore presenza di turismo di massa che può diventare un deterrente soprattutto per le persone con disabilità.

Oggi ti parliamo di città che (forse) senti nominare per la prima volta ma che hanno ricevuto riconoscimenti per i loro livelli di accessibilità oltre che per le bellezze ambientali e culturali.
Vediamo un po’ quante ne conosci

Se cerchi destinazioni per il tuo prossimo viaggio puoi anche leggere:

Lousã, Portugal,,it,View of Lousa, Portugal,,it,Lousã is a small town north of Portugal, now known as "tourist destination accessible" through special projects implemented in particular between 2008 and 2011.,,it

Vista di Lousa, Portogallo
Vista di Lousa, Portogallo

Lousã è una piccola cittadina a nord del Portogallo, ormai nota come “destinazione turistica accessibile” grazie a progetti speciali messi in atto in particolare tra il 2008 e il 2011.

Once purely it is known for the beauty of the mountain Serra da Lousã and its unspoiled landscapes (but inaccessible), with the typical villages of shale houses, since 2007 the region has shifted its policy on the accessibility of its routes and accommodation as well as roads and offices. Being hilly area, where the "standard" tours can be complex for people with physical disabilities, they are organized many special guided tours suitable for everyone.,,it,Arona, Tenerife,,es,Panoramic view of the coast of Arona with universal public design,,it

Arona, Tenerife

arona tenerife città accessibile
Vista panoramica di una delle coste di Arona con universal design pubblico

The case of Arona, beautiful Spanish resort island of Tenerife, is unique because of accessibility policies have been implemented on demand and strong drive of the tourists themselves, with and without disabilities. These have become critical mass that did evolve bringing structures towards a gradual removal of barriers.,,it,Today is one of the best examples of accessible tourism in Spain, thanks to public and private organizations that have been able to capture user requirements and have made the most (in every sense, given the local induced tied to tourism, with and without disability).,,it,Sozopol, Bulgaria,,en,Along the sea of ​​Sozopol,,it

Oggi è uno dei migliori esempi di turismo accessibile in Spagna, grazie a enti pubblici e privati che hanno saputo captare le richieste dell’utenza e ne hanno fatto tesoro (in tutti i sensi, visto l’indotto locale legato al turismo, con e senza disabilità).

Sozopol, Bulgaria

Lungo mare di Sozopol
Lungo mare di Sozopol

Sozopol is a town in southeast Bulgaria located on some small peninsula in the southern part of the Burgas bay. From here you can fully enjoy the beauty of the Black Sea coast.,,it,Here it is held in September, the Apollonia Art and Film Festival, a major event with more than 70 events, scattered around the city, ranging from music to theater, from dance to cinema.,,it,Sozopol is League of Historical and Accessible Cities - LHAC (the League of Historical Cities accessible), European Project Focused on the accessibility of city centers.,,it,Ávila, Spain,,it,Avila view at sunset,,it

Qui si tiene a settembre l’Apollonia Art and Film Festival, importante appuntamento con più di 70 eventi, sparsi per la città, e che spaziano dalla musica al teatro, dalla danza al cinema.
Sozopol è League of Historical and Accessible Cities – LHAC (la Lega delle Città Storiche Accessibili), progetto europeo Incentrato sull’accessibilità dei centri storici delle città.

Ávila, Spagna

àvila spagna città accessibili
Vista di Avila al tramonto

Of this alloy it is also part of Ávila, Spain, which otherwise has won the first award for accessible cities of the European Union in 2010 and 2011.,,it,Best known for its medieval walls strikingly preserved, better than anywhere else in Europe, the town has modern and functional accessibility plans, through collaboration between municipalities and associations. Above all, the plan features for accessibility of Ávila is due to the wide involvement of people with various types of disabilities in city projects.,,it,And ... what are the coolest cities of Italy and accessible? Tell us you!,,it
Nota soprattutto per le sue mura medievali conservate in maniera sorprendente, meglio che in qualsiasi altro posto d’Europa, la cittadina ha dei piani di accessibilità moderni e funzionali, grazie alla collaborazione tra municipalità e associazioni. Soprattutto, la funzionalità del piano per l’accessibilità di Ávila è dovuto all’ampio coinvolgimento di persone con vari tipi di disabilità nei progetti cittadini.

E… quali sono le città più cool e accessibili d’Italia? Diccelo tu!

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Where do you live? Been to accessible local or cultural sites without barriers? Then cadastral maps with a simple selfie!,,it,Enter the local level or with ramps entrance and disabled toilets, or places with Braille menus and special features that all forms of motor and sensory disabilities; then made a selfie and publish it with geolocation active on facebook or instagram using the Hashtag #accessibilityiscool!,,it,The next article could be right on your city!,,it,Some witnesses of Accessibilityiscool campaign and Accessibility map.,,it,Noa, singer,,es,Stefania Rocca, actress,,it,Lino Guanciale, actor,,it,South Sound System, music group,,it,Gianni Morandi, singer,,it,13/09/2017,,en,arona,,en,avila,,en,bulgaria,,en,Portugal,,it,sozopol,,en,Spain,,it,tenerife,,en

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