A place where music is built: the Flow music school,,it,Music is not just technical: music is also a travel companion, a journey that everyone lives in,,it,Every little big project that Movidabilia brings to fruition is always a mixed moment of melancholy and happiness, yes,,it,After having closed the month of August with the first stage of the initiative "La Terra di Libertini", conceived by and managed by,,it,The land of Libertini. Accessible and multisensory nature and photography itineraries in the marine areas of Lecce.,,it,The summer of Movidabilia has long times, full of interesting novelties from the taste of nature and sea. We are in fact,,it

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Music is not just technical: music is also a travel companion, a journey that everyone lives in their own way. The FLOW Music School knows this well and for this reason also for the 2018-2019 season has kicked off its activities. Here are all the news!,,it,Here we are again talking about music and accessible musical projects, our favorites!,,it,We've already told you something about it some time ago,,it,a school of accessible and inclusive music born in Sava (Taranto) in the spaces of,,it,Lab. Ex Macello,,it,, born from a collaboration between Movidabilia e,,it,, which offers professional and high-level musical instrument and technique courses.,,it

Eccoci di nuovo a parlare di musica e di progetti musicali accessibili, i nostri preferiti!

Tempo fa ti abbiamo già detto qualcosa sul progetto FLOW, una scuola di musica accessibile e inclusiva nata a Sava (Taranto) negli spazi di Lab. Ex Macello, nata da una collaborazione tra Movidabilia e Arci Calypso, che propone corsi di strumento e tecnica musicale professionali e di alta formazione.

The venue is accessible and music courses are also open to people with disabilities of all kinds and to very young people with special educational needs; at the base of the FLOW music school there is the idea that the approach to music is not and should never be the same for everyone and, above all, should be inclusive.,,it,list of courses FLOW music school, 2018-2019,,it,Everyone has his own path and everyone lives this street companion, music, with his own pace.,,it,FLOW teachers are able to accompany every group and every single student through this path, becoming technical and emotional guides in an adventure that is very personal and is different from person to person.,,it

elenco corsi FLOW scuola di musica, 2018-2019
elenco corsi FLOW scuola di musica, 2018-2019

Ognuno ha il suo percorso e ognuno vive questa compagna di strada, la musica, con il proprio passo.
Gli insegnanti di FLOW sono in grado di accompagnare ogni gruppo e ogni singolo studente attraverso questo percorso, diventando guide tecniche ed emotive in un’avventura che è molto personale ed è diversa da persona a persona.

Through two of his teachers, the master Antonio Oliveti and the music therapist Fabio De Vincenti, last summer FLOW was also an active part of the,,it,progetto “Feel the Sound”,,en,, which allowed a group of deaf people to enter the tactile dimension of the sound, including in the Locomotive Jazz festival a user generally excluded from musical events.,,it,Also this year FLOW will be at the forefront in all the projects related to music and accessibility of which Movidabilia is the leader.,,it,The news of FLOW 2018-2019,,it,Also this year the FLOW music school starts its courses (all with free trial) ranging from the technique of many musical instruments to singing, from ensemble music to solfeggio.,,it progetto “Feel the Sound” , che ha consentito ad un gruppo di sordi ad entrare nella dimensione tattile del suono includendo nel Locomotive Jazz festival un’utenza generalmente esclusa dalle manifestazioni musicali.

Anche quest’anno FLOW sarà in prima linea in tutti i progetti legati a musica e accessibilità di cui Movidabilia è capofila.

Le novità di FLOW 2018-2019

Anche quest’anno la scuola di musica FLOW fa partire i suoi corsi (tutti con prova gratuita) che vanno dalla tecnica di tantissimi strumenti musicali al canto, dalla musica di insieme al solfeggio.

Great news among its laboratories, a real gem of which the music school is very proud, is the,,it,laboratory for the construction of musical instruments with recycled materials.,,it,shopper of FLOW music school,,it,An innovative laboratory that allows to know musical instruments and to live music not only as an abstract and theoretical element but also in its being made up of tangible objects.,,it,A manual approach to music, which also sensitizes the creative reuse, a theme that has always been at heart for FLOW and Movidabilia.,,it,FLOW music school, exhibition,,it,You can learn all about the FLOW music school through its social channels on,,it,and obviously through the,,it,website,,it,, or by calling 340 606 5329 if you need specific information.,,it laboratorio di costruzione di strumenti musicali con materiali da riciclo.

shopper di FLOW scuola di musica
shopper di FLOW scuola di musica

Un laboratorio innovativo che permette di conoscere gli strumenti musicali e di vivere la musica non solo come elemento astratto e teorico ma anche nel suo essere fatta da oggetti tangibili.

Un approccio manuale alla musica, che sensibilizza anche al riuso creativo, tematica da sempre a cuore per FLOW e per Movidabilia.

FLOW scuola di musica, esibizione
FLOW scuola di musica, esibizione

Puoi conoscere tutto sulla scuola di musica FLOW attraverso i suoi canali social su
e ovviamente attraverso il sito web, oppure chiamando il 340 606 5329 se hai bisogno di informazioni specifiche.

Good music to everyone!,,it,5/10/2018,,en,accessibilià,,en