Total accessibility: the Brindisi stage of the Locomotive Jazz Festival is a world-wide school.,it

locomotive brindisi_Musica Nuda_concerto accessibile

Here's how (and why) the evening of Brindisi, at the Fishermen's Village, at the 2019 Locomotive Jazz Festival came close to total accessibility.,,it,For those who work in the field of accessibility, we know that an event that is accessible in all respects is very difficult and in some respects never 100% achievable. But yesterday, in the Brindisi stop of the Locomotive Jazz Festival 2019, we can say that we went really close.,,it,After years of work in the care of the accessibility of musical events, since that famous May 1st 2014 in Taranto, this has been,,it,the first time we went so close to the point of total accessibility,,it,, and we could not hide the emotion this represents for us.,,it

Per chi lavora nel campo dell’accessibilità si sa bene che un evento accessibile in tutto e per tutto è molto difficile e per certi aspetti mai realizzabile al 100%. Ma ieri, nella tappa brindisina del Locomotive Jazz Festival 2019, possiamo dire di esserci andati davvero vicini.

Dopo anni di lavoro nella cura dell’accessibilità di eventi musicali, fin da quel famoso primo maggio 2014 a Taranto, questa è stata la prima volta in cui siamo andati così vicini al punto di accessibilità totale, e non potremmo nascondere l’emozione che questo rappresenta per noi.

But how come this point of very high accessibility, which has to be taught throughout Europe, has been reached right at the Locomotive Jazz Festival 2019?,,it,We explain it in a few key concepts.,,it,1 –,,en,Solid accessibility upstream,,it,Fishermen's Village_Locomotive jazz Festival 2019. ph. Locomotive Jazz Festival,,it,The accessibility of a single event or of an entire festival starts from the information given about accessibility. As many already know, the LJF has for three years,,it,This Page,,it,, curated by Movidabilia.,,it,Then there is the choice of locations that is made in the programming.,,it
Lo spieghiamo in pochi concetti chiave.

1 – Accessibilità solida a monte

villaggio dei pescatori_Locomotive jazz Festival 2019
Villaggio dei pescatori_Locomotive jazz Festival 2019. ph. Locomotive Jazz Festival

L’accessibilità di un evento singolo o di un intero festival parte dalle informazioni date in merito all’accessibilità. Come molti già sanno, il LJF ha da tre anni questa pagina, curata da Movidabilia.

Poi c’è la scelta delle location che si fa nella programmazione.
The choice of location (made by the organizers of the Locomotive Jazz Festival) was made upstream with the idea of ​​making the event inclusive. Strong of the first two years of activities and inspections carried out together, i,,it,Jazz boys,,it,they used a new approach in choosing places and the Brindisi Fishermen's Village was a fantastic summary of the logistics vision of Locomotive Jazz Festival and motor accessibility.,,it,Well before knowing and that this year we would have had the Subpac backpack, well before confronting ourselves on the idea of ​​a tactile visit on the stage, we chose a location that, besides being beautiful, was also accessible in the first place to people with motor disabilities,,,it Ragazzi del Jazz hanno usato un nuovo approccio nella scelta dei luoghi e il Villaggio dei pescatori di Brindisi è stata una fantastica sintesi della visione logistica di Locomotive Jazz Festival e l’accessibilità motoria.

Ben prima di saper e che quest’anno avremmo avuto lo zainetto Subpac, ben prima di confrontarci sull’idea di una visita tattile sul palcoscenico, si è scelta una location che oltre che bella fosse anche accessibile in primis alle persone con disabilità motoria, in compliance with what the law says.,,it,2 –,,en,Choice to comply first of all with accessibility regulations,,it,The Locomotive Jazz Festival has very strong and solid foundations in the construction of a path of incisiveness and it is good that it is a great example to follow on the international scene.,,it,Many festivals have contacted us in recent weeks for an approach to accessibility, starting from the possibility of using it,,it,Subpac backpack / backrest,,it,and make the music accessible to the deaf.,,it

2 –Scelta di rispettare prima di tutto la normativa sull’accessibilità

concerti cool e accessibili per l'estate

Il Locomotive Jazz Festival ha basi fortissime e solide nella costruzione di un percorso di incisività ed è bene che sia un grande esempio da seguire sul panorama internazionale.

Sono tanti i festival che nelle ultime settimane ci hanno contattati per un avvicinamento all’accessibilità, partendo dalla possibilità di usare lo zainetto/schienale Subpac e rendere la musica accessibile ai non udenti.

This attention to this new tool, never used before in Italy, is a great result; however we take the opportunity to always remember, to anyone who wants to organize a festival, that there is a national regulation that requires first of all to choose locations accessible to people with motor disabilities.,,it,Afterwards, it is good to follow every possible action, technological or creative, to open the doors of music and make the concerts as inclusive as possible to all forms of disability.,,it
Dopo, è bene che segua ogni possibile azione, tecnologica o creativa, per aprire le porte della musica e rendere i concerti inclusivi il più possibile a tutte le forme di disabilità.

We will never remember it too often: organizing a public event implies the respect of the Italian law which, according to the Ministerial Decree - Ministry of Public Works June 14th 1989, n. 236, to the art. 3 paragraph 4 provides that "Each real estate unit, whatever its destination, must be open to visitors, subject to the following clarifications: [...] lettara b) in the real estate units venues for meetings or shows outdoors or indoors, temporary or permanent , including private and catering circles, the requirement of visitability is considered fulfilled if at least one area reserved for the public, in addition to a toilet, is accessible; the usability of the report spaces and the services provided, such as the ticket office and the wardrobe must also be guaranteed [...],it

Without the bases, heights cannot be built.,,it,3 - Accessibility for the deaf: an alternative way to hear the music that everyone enjoyed,,it,Our,,it,Subpac backpack,,it,he was appreciated by deaf, blind and visually impaired people but also by a large part of the public who wanted to experience the thrill of hearing the vibrations of music using their bodies as sound boxes.,,it

3 – Accessibilità per sordi: un modo alternativo per sentire la musica che è piaciuto a tutti

Subpac al Locomotive Jazz Festival

Il nostro zainetto Subpac è stato apprezzato da sordi, ciechi e ipovedenti ma anche da buona parte del pubblico che ha voluto provare l’emozione di sentire le vibrazioni della musica usando il proprio corpo come cassa armonica.

The magic of using the Subpac backpack in concerts and festivals is that this instrument brings the world of sensory disability closer to that of non-disabled people, making everyone understand how music is not just a matter of hearing. Even the deaf have been able to know how music is made of vibrations that are not an abstract essence but a physical phenomenon.,,it,4 –,,en,The emotion of Pietra Magoni and of Naked Music,,it,The Naked Music lead in the tactile visit on the Ph. Locomotive Jazz Festival stage,,it

4 – L’emozione di Pietra Magoni e dei Musica Nuda

visita tattile durante il concerto_Musica Nuda_jazz accessibile
I Musica Nuda guidano nella visita tattile sul palco Ph. Locomotive Jazz Festival

Another moment of alternative narration of the music was the tactile visit made on stage by two girls from the Union of Blind (Anna and Chiara) delegation, led by Pietra Magoni, particularly sensitive to the issue of accessibility for the blind and visually impaired, and Ferruccio Spinetti.,,it,Touching the stage, the instruments, the strings, the heights of the lecterns and the faces of the performers is a way to enrich the music of the listener without seeing.,,it,One last thing we want to tell you, not linked to the evening of Brindisi but to the last stage of Cutrofiano of the Locomotive Jazz Festival 2019, which was also very intense:,,it

Toccare il palco, gli strumenti, le corde, le altezze dei leggii e i visi dei performer è un modo per arricchire di dettagli la musica di chi ascolta senza vedere.

I Musica Nuda guidano nella visita tattile sul palco Ph. Locomotive Jazz Festival

Un’ultima cosa che ci teniamo a raccontarvi, non legata alla serata di Brindisi bensì all’ultima tappa di Cutrofiano del Locomotive Jazz Festival 2019, che è stata anche molto intensa:

Rocco Papaleo al Locomotive Jazz Festival
Rocco Papaleo at the Locomotive Jazz Festival, Cutrofiano (LE) Ph. Locomotive Jazz Festival,,it,Even the actor and lover of jazz music Rocco Papaleo is among the new testimonials of the campaign,,it,Accessibility is Cool,,en,If he is on board too, you really can't miss it!,,it,Rocco Papaleo also adheres to the Accessibility is Cool campaign,,it,For him, a multifaceted and reflective, ironic and profound character, the shirt "Love is blind ... but reads Braille" is perfect.,,it,Also thanks to,,it,sale of our ironic shirts,,it,, as well as the,,it,donation of 5 × 1000,,it

Anche l’attore e amante della musica Jazz Rocco Papaleo è tra i nuovi testimonial della campagna Accessibility is Cool.
Se c’è a bordo anche lui, tu davvero non puoi più mancare!

Rocco papale_Accessibility is Cool
Anche Rocco Papaleo aderisce alla campagna Accessibility is Cool

Per lui, personaggio poliedrico e riflessivo, ironico e profondo, la maglietta “L’amore è cieco… ma legge il Braille” è perfetta.

Anche grazie alla vendita delle nostre ironiche magliette, oltre che alla donazione dei 5×1000, Movidabilia can afford to buy the latest technological innovations from year to year to make the culture accessible and make them available for free to festivals and events that want to approach the world of accessibility.,,it,You too can make a difference!,,it,8/08/2019,,en

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