Accessibility of culture and fun in Italy. Where are we?,it
For almost a year, you have mapped out the locals, cinemas and museums accessible in Italy with your selfies. What,,it,As many people now know, universal design is particularly close to our heart, not just because it is a frontier,,it,On February 16th 2017, the Accessibility is campaign was presented in Rome at the Fondazione CON IL SUD headquarters,,it,Every year, on January 4th, the World Braille Day is celebrated, the world day dedicated to the memory of Luis,,it,Knowing the world through the eyes of people with disabilities is not just a way to open your mind,,it,The most magical period of the year, at least at our latitudes, is made of lights but not only. Christmas is also,,it
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architettura e design universale in italia - convegno
Architettura accessibile e design universale: a che punto siamo in Italia?
Come molti ormai sanno, il design universale ci sta particolarmente a cuore non solo perché si tratta di una frontiera
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Rush finale della campagna Accessibility is cool. Il meglio deve ancora venire
Il 16 febbraio 2017 si presentava, a Roma, presso la sede di Fondazione CON IL SUD, la campagna Accessibility is
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Maglietta della campagna Accessibility is cool L'AMORE è CIECO MA LEGGE IL BRAILLE (e ti amo scritto in Braille)
8 curiosità sulla scrittura Braille
Ogni anno, il 4 gennaio, si celebra il World Braille Day, la giornata mondiale dedicata a alla memoria di Luis
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ragazzo di etnia africana seduto all'aperto mentre legge
2018: occasioni di formazione e lavoro da non perdere
Conoscere il mondo attraverso gli occhi delle persone con disabilità non è solo un modo per aprire la propria mente
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ph hamburger arts - unsplash - natale 2017 evento on vendenti
Christmas is not seen. Christmas feels. Touch Events throughout Italy,,it,The most magical time of the year, at least in our latitudes, it is made of light but not all. Christmas is also made of special smells, sounds, emotions and perceptions that go far beyond the sight and feel everywhere.,,it,Today we want to advise you of events "in the dark" in which emotions to 360 degrees are certainly not lacking.,,it,Among exhibitions, theater and good news for the coming year, here are some very interesting things to do in December, waiting for Christmas.,,it,Blind Vision, blind sight in Naples,,it
Il periodo più magico dell’anno, almeno alle nostre latitudini, è fatto di luci ma non solo. Il Natale è anche
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Buoni regalo - regali speciali per natale
Simple Christmas gifts, alternative, economical and very special,,it,That Christmas is around the corner, you do not need our post to point it out, right?,,it,Some places now are starting to remind us of Christmas since November.,,it,Yet there are many die-hard who resist and do not want to hear about Christmas decorations Dec. 1, and this pure army goes all of our support.,,it,But today we talk about gifts: now it is increasingly difficult to trace that thin line that divides the pleasure of doing a Christmas present to the people we care for the compulsory acquisition frenzy.,,it
That Christmas is coming, we do not need one of our posts to point it out, right? Some places now start to,,it,We're here, it's not too early and it's not too late to talk about the catchphrase of blogs,,it,Gender violence, violence against women, femicide, harassment, sexual violence. All terms of which we often speak but inappropriately,,,it,Would you be able to enjoy a dinner without taking a picture? And without seeing it?,,it,Do you know the so called "dinners in the dark", also called dark dinner and / or dans le noir? No, it's not about the,,it
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mercatini di natale accessibili
Four very cool Christmas markets,,it,It is not too early and not too late to talk about blogs catchphrase in this period, ie the Christmas Market!,,it,Te example demonstrates two overseas and a couple in Italy, all four accessible and with some special gears that make them more special than the others.,,it,Ready? Street!,,it,ph. by aaron burden – unsplash,,en,Winter Wonderland, the winter wonderland,,it
Ci siamo, non è più troppo presto e non è ancora troppo tardi per parlare del tormentone dei blog in
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Violenza sulle donne: dire “Denunciate” è inutile
Violenza di genere, violenza sulle donne, femminicidio, molestia, violenza sessuale. Tutti termini dei quali si parla spesso ma a sproposito,
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Saresti in grado di goderti una cena senza fotografarla? E senza vederla?
Conosci le così dette “cene al buio”, anche dette dark dinner e/o dans le noir? No, non si tratta degli
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