regali utili e etici_regali politici per Natale
A political Christmas: gifts with a strong social message,it
Niente paura, noi di Movidabilia quando parliamo di politica parliamo semplicemente di quello che la politica è davvero: un insieme
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Lingua dei segni_come impararla
Because we should all know the LIS language and how to learn.,,it,Movidabilia has long supported the importance of spreading the LIS language, the Italian sign language, by proposing events,,it,accessible to deaf and hearing impaired,,it,, promoting its diffusion also through courses and we think it would be very useful to teach it in schools.,,it,Some time ago we told you why,,it,teach children the sign language,,it,it is useful on a formative, cognitive and individual growth level but today we dwell on why even people of adult age, even if they do not have any disabilities, would benefit from learning the LIS Language.,,it,This is why we would all benefit from a greater diffusion of the LIS language.,,it
Da tempo Movidabilia sostiene l’importanza della diffusione della lingua LIS, la lingua italiana dei segni, proponendo eventi accessibili a sordi
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parchi foliage europa
The colors of autumn in the most accessible parks in Europe,it
Oggi lo chiamano tutti “foliage” ed è diventato un vero e proprio elemento di scelta turistica. Ci sono moltissime persone
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come diventare inteprete LIS
How to become LIS interpreters: Courses and specializations,it
Do you want to become a LIS interpreter? Here are which institutions and institutions to contact! We often talk in our articles about the reasons why,,it,The school year has just begun throughout Italy and, among reforms and government crises, the fate of the school (e,,it
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accessibilita scuole in italia_rimedi e tool
9 modi per rendere una scuola più accessibile (a costo quasi zero)
L’anno scolastico è appena iniziato in tutta Italia e, tra riforme e crisi di governo, il destino della scuola (e
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Itinerario tradotto in LIS da Monica Renna - bosco della Lizza
Bringing children to the LIS language: why do it and how,it
Some time ago we told you, in an article that became viral in a few hours, how to learn,it
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locomotive brindisi_Musica Nuda_concerto accessibile
Total accessibility: the Brindisi stage of the Locomotive Jazz Festival is a world-wide school.,it
Here is how (and why) the evening of Brindisi, at the Fishermen's Village, at the 2019 Locomotive Jazz Festival touched on the accessibility,,it,With the project Feel the Sound, conceived by Movidabilia and inserted in the Locomotive Jazz Festival, we show the setting of,,it
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Make the deaf hear the music and show the shows to the blind: this is how we are succeeding,,it,With the Feel the Sound project, conceived by Movidabilia and included in the Locomotive Jazz Festival, we show the setting of a musical show to the blind and let the deaf hear the music. Here's how, in detail and with lots of photos.,,it,Ph. Carmelo Roberto Lab former Sava slaughterhouse. Feel the sound workshop.,,it,We promised and anticipated you in a post on,,it,coolest summer festival,,it,, we would have kept you updated on the news implemented by Movidabilia to make this year accessible as well,,it,, a revolutionary event not only for artistic and logistic choices but also for their approach to all that is inclusion.,,it
Con il progetto Feel the Sound, ideato da Movidabilia e inserito nel Locomotive Jazz Festival, facciamo vedere il setting di
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spiagge per famiglie_come devono essere
Beaches for families: how they should be,it
The heat takes us all with our heads and hearts there, on the beaches of our peninsula. Most,,it,Our appointment with the summer is back and for us at Movidabilia estate it is synonymous with music festivals. Obviously accessible festivals,,it,Verona, Perugia and Trieste: three cities with simple, easy-to-imitate, accessible routes that teach this city. and,,it,There are aspects of the 5 × 1000 that few know ... and we tell you them. & Nbsp; Not even us of Movidabilia, which it is,,it,The 5 × 1000 is an important civic choice, to do a lot, with little. Here's how to decide who to give it to. What is it,,it
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