mani che reggono soldi (finti)
Recuperare il valore (perduto) della vera raccolta fondi
Ai tempi in cui è possibile lanciare raccolte fondi su Facebook per i compleanni, il concetto stesso della vera raccolta
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la moda che rispetta l'etica del lavoro -
Il 5×1000 nel 2020, anno segnato dal Covid19: che cosa cambia
5×1000 nel 2020, l’anno del Covid-19: che cosa cambia sia sul piano pratico (scadenze e modalità) e sul piano emotivo
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scena dallo spettacolo Personaggi in cerca di Autore_ragazza legata
E che Liberazione sia
Il 25 Aprile è la festa della Liberazione dal Nazifascismo. Il 25 Aprile non è la festa della Liberazione in
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assistenza domiciliare e coronavirus_copertina progetto con-tatto
Home care and Coronavirus: a valuable support tool for pandemic times is born,it
Una piattaforma web a supportare i cittadini che necessitano di assistenza domiciliare ai tempi in cui assistenza domiciliare e Coronavirus
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lavorare nel sociale
How to work in the social sector: 4 steps to follow,,it,Would you like to work in the social sector? Do you have the dream of doing a job that is also a support to society and that reflects your values? We suggest you some important and useful steps to follow,,it,Working in the social field is the ambition of many: to be able to develop a career that reflects values ​​and that unites our choice of being active citizens with our need to have an income is an idea that ignites the interest of the most sensitive people.,,it,But how do you do it?,,it,How do you become "employees" or collaborators of large (or medium or small) national and international companies in the,,it,Third sector,,it
Vorresti lavorare nel sociale? Hai il sogno di fare un lavoro che sia anche un supporto alla società e che
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Management plurale: come inserire persone con disabilità nel proprio staff
Plural management: how to insert people with disabilities into their staff,,it,Tips for small and medium-sized enterprises to better integrate the enormous potential of people with disabilities into their staff. & Nbsp;,,it,It is now widely believed among successful companies that & nbsp;,,it,people with disabilities bring objective added value to companies.,,it,However, awareness often has to face bureaucratic and administrative obstacles (perhaps more perceived than real).,,it,The success of the company-employee relationship starts from the moment of selection, passes through the attitude of the company and staff, closes in the right training and in the right internal harmony. & Nbsp;,,it,In this article we will not dwell & nbsp;,,it,on the legislation,,it
Consigli per la piccola e media impresa per inserire al meglio nel proprio organico l’enorme potenziale delle persone con disabilità. 
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Accessible mountain paths,,it,Here are some territories with accessible mountain routes, for white weeks open to everyone!,,it,Mountain and accessibility.,,it,Snow and accessibility.,,it,Winter accessible.,,it,Accessible skiing.,,it,These binomials are something impossible in the minds of many, yet ...,,it,Yet there are initiatives, in Italy, which make it possible for mountain lovers, nature trails and even snow, even if they have permanent or temporary disabilities, to take advantage of the beauty of the cold season, to enjoy the magical atmospheres of the refuges and also to do an adrenaline rush with skiing and mountain sports.,,it
Ecco alcuni territori con percorsi di montagna accessibili, per settimane bianche aperte a tutti! Montagna e accessibilità.Neve e accessibilità. Inverno
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regali utili e etici_regali politici per Natale
A political Christmas: gifts with a strong social message,it
Niente paura, noi di Movidabilia quando parliamo di politica parliamo semplicemente di quello che la politica è davvero: un insieme
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Lingua dei segni_come impararla
Because we should all know the LIS language and how to learn.,,it,Movidabilia has long supported the importance of spreading the LIS language, the Italian sign language, by proposing events,,it,accessible to deaf and hearing impaired,,it,, promoting its diffusion also through courses and we think it would be very useful to teach it in schools.,,it,Some time ago we told you why,,it,teach children the sign language,,it,it is useful on a formative, cognitive and individual growth level but today we dwell on why even people of adult age, even if they do not have any disabilities, would benefit from learning the LIS Language.,,it,This is why we would all benefit from a greater diffusion of the LIS language.,,it
Da tempo Movidabilia sostiene l’importanza della diffusione della lingua LIS, la lingua italiana dei segni, proponendo eventi accessibili a sordi
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