locomotive brindisi_Musica Nuda_concerto accessibile
Total accessibility: the Brindisi stage of the Locomotive Jazz Festival is a world-wide school.,it
Here is how (and why) the evening of Brindisi, at the Fishermen's Village, at the 2019 Locomotive Jazz Festival touched on the accessibility,,it,With the project Feel the Sound, conceived by Movidabilia and inserted in the Locomotive Jazz Festival, we show the setting of,,it
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Make the deaf hear the music and show the shows to the blind: this is how we are succeeding,,it,With the Feel the Sound project, conceived by Movidabilia and included in the Locomotive Jazz Festival, we show the setting of a musical show to the blind and let the deaf hear the music. Here's how, in detail and with lots of photos.,,it,Ph. Carmelo Roberto Lab former Sava slaughterhouse. Feel the sound workshop.,,it,We promised and anticipated you in a post on,,it,coolest summer festival,,it,, we would have kept you updated on the news implemented by Movidabilia to make this year accessible as well,,it,, a revolutionary event not only for artistic and logistic choices but also for their approach to all that is inclusion.,,it
Con il progetto Feel the Sound, ideato da Movidabilia e inserito nel Locomotive Jazz Festival, facciamo vedere il setting di
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spiagge per famiglie_come devono essere
Beaches for families: how they should be,it
The heat takes us all with our heads and hearts there, on the beaches of our peninsula. Most,,it,Our appointment with the summer is back and for us at Movidabilia estate it is synonymous with music festivals. Obviously accessible festivals,,it,Verona, Perugia and Trieste: three cities with simple, easy-to-imitate, accessible routes that teach this city. and,,it,There are aspects of the 5 × 1000 that few know ... and we tell you them. & Nbsp; Not even us of Movidabilia, which it is,,it,The 5 × 1000 is an important civic choice, to do a lot, with little. Here's how to decide who to give it to. What is it,,it
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Musica colori cuffie
The most accessible festivals of the Italian summer,it
Torna il nostro appuntamento con l’estate e per noi di Movidabilia estate è sinonimo di festival musicali. Ovviamente festival accessibili
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Tour accessibili del vino a Verona
Travel and accessible culture: 3 Italian cities to visit this summer,it
Verona, Perugia e Trieste: tre città con percorsi accessibili semplici, facili da imitare e che per questo fanno scuola. Ed
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Things that nobody tells you about 5 × 1000,it
Ci sono aspetti del 5×1000 che in pochi conoscono… e noi te li diciamo.  Neanche noi di Movidabilia, cui è
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How to choose who to donate your 5 × 1000 to,it
Il 5×1000 è un’importante scelta civica, per fare molto, con poco. Ecco come decidere a chi donarlo. Che cosa è
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the 4 most beautiful spots on disability and the breaking down of mental barriers,,it,Visual marketing and visual story telling are not simple activities: we need to study the final user, knowledge of the market, analysis of the common imaginary.,,it,Speaking of disability is even more difficult and even more complex is talking about the inability of all of us to look behind stereotypes, the fear of the different, our mental limits.,,it
Visual marketing and visual story telling are not simple activities: we need to study the end user, knowledge of the market,,it
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Logo si FLow scuola di musica_movidabilia
A place where music is built: the Flow music school,,it,Music is not just technical: music is also a travel companion, a journey that everyone lives in,,it,Every little big project that Movidabilia brings to fruition is always a mixed moment of melancholy and happiness, yes,,it,After having closed the month of August with the first stage of the initiative "La Terra di Libertini", conceived by and managed by,,it,The land of Libertini. Accessible and multisensory nature and photography itineraries in the marine areas of Lecce.,,it,The summer of Movidabilia has long times, full of interesting novelties from the taste of nature and sea. We are in fact,,it
La musica non è solo tecnica: la musica è anche una compagna di viaggio, un viaggio che ognuno vive a
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Points of arrival and departure of a beautiful project,,it,Every little big project that Movidabilia brings to fruition is always a mixed moment of melancholy and happiness, whether it be an initiative of a month or so, as in the case of,,it,The Land of Libertini,,it,, of a,,it,Hackathon,,en,lasting two days or launching a full year, as was the case with the campaign,,it,Accessibility is cool,,en,Between fatigue, the desire to celebrate, the need to get a good night's sleep and need to thank and embrace everyone, you get to the time of budgets.,,it,Some small participants in the paths of La Terra di Libertini,,it
Ogni piccolo grande progetto che Movidabilia porta a compimento è sempre un momento misto di malinconia e felicità, che si
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