gianluca gazzoli youtuber per movidabilia e la campagna accessibility is cool
I challenged a super hero in Milan, the new video by Gianluca Gazzoli for Accessibility is cool,,it,A few days ago the campaign Accessibility is cool was enriched by the contribution of,,it,Gianluca Gazzoli,,it,, Famous and very nice youtuber and above all a very good storyteller.,,it,The story he told us, as only he can do, is to Andrea, who shows how his life every day is similar to that of the super hero of a video game ... it just supermario risen!,,it,This is the life of a "common" boy, young and cute, with a job in communicating with friends and social relationships, personal passions and permanent disability from birth.,,it
Pochissimi giorni fa la campagna Accessibility is cool si è arricchita del contributo di Gianluca Gazzoli, celebre e simpaticissimo youtuber
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àvila spagna città accessibili
Weekend in Europe in September and October? Here are some cities you do not know but that will amaze you,it
Let's talk about two things we like a lot and that both are important to us: travel and accessibility.,,it,September and October are two months chosen by many as an ideal time to travel, for lower costs, the reduced presence of mass tourism that can become a deterrent especially for people with disabilities.,,it,Today we talk about cities that (perhaps) feel nominate for the first time but who have received accolades for their levels of accessibility as well as environmental and cultural beauty.,,it,Let 's see how many you know,,it,If you search destinations for your next trip you can also read:,,it,Six cities really cool (and accessible) in Europe,,it,10 undervalued European cities but that we should visit,,it
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kimap access disabili
New frontiers of participatory mapping: the KiMap project.,it
Fin dai tempi dei nostri primi Hackathon per mappare con i cittadini di Lecce i percorsi accessibili e parzialmente accessibili
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Gif 4 matrimonie e un funerale - conoscenza in LIS tra due protagonisti
Let's go to the movies ... (silent? No, deaf!),,it,If for some the end of August is a time of sadness and nostalgia, we always have ready some good news that will make interesting and cool even the first weeks of September and ... even the fall.,,it,Then follow our blog to learn about the events and the coolest events in the coming months.,,it,Meanwhile, let's enjoy this magical moment when the summer is not over yet but we can already choose to shoot with our passions away from beach umbrellas.,,it,If in the days still warm you can still take a bath in the swimming pools and the coolest Italian shores (,,it
di Sabrina Barbante Se per qualcuno la fine del mese di agosto è un momento di tristezza e nostalgia, noi
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Frankie hi-nrg mc sul palco del Cinzella Festival
Because Cinzella Festival is destined to become one of the major rock festivals in Europe,,it,From the name to the logo, from the location to its (recent) history:,,it,Cinzella festival - music or images between two seas -,,it,welcomed the important Italian rock names in 4 intense days of music (August 17 to 20). Here are the things you do not know but need to know about a festival that in a few years will talk about the world of music in Europe.,,it,He led Levante, Frankie hi-rng mc, Diodato, Go! Zilla, Heidi for president, leitmotif, Sick drum ... in a farm of Taranto.,,it,He edited the accessibility as it is in large,,it,British rock festival.,,it
Dal nome al logo, dalla location alla sua (recente) storia: il Cinzella festival – suoni e immagini tra due mari –ha
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Never tired of cool festivals! Here are three not to miss between cinema, music, accessibility!,,it,Baustelle, Levante, Frankie Hi-nrg, Social status and many more, for accessibility and protection of the territory.,,it,We never tired of good music, cool events and festivals accessible or have embarked on a path towards accessibility.,,it,Where there is this, we are there to Movidabilia, which we hope to cure in the coming years the approach to the accessibility of the most beautiful festivals in Italy, both music and theater!,,it,But, after having expressed this wish for the shooting stars of these nights, we come to the tips for you:,,it
Baustelle, Levante, Frankie Hi-nrg, Lo stato sociale e molti altri, per l’accessibilità e la tutela del territorio. Non siamo mai
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sedia a cingoli orthopedic service
The accessibility of the Locomotive Jazz Festival. One thing not easy. A simple thing.,,it,And with the concert of Richard Bona Roman amphitheater of Lecce and the jam session at the railway museum, last night ended the 2017 edition of the Locomotive Jazz Festival, which Movidabilia oversaw the adjustment path towards accessibility.,,it,A festival that, like music, is born from the suburbs, geography and soul. From the point of us who turn away from the "center" to collect the scattered pieces that become,,it,rhythm, inspiration, new motivation.,,it,Question and answer,,it,: It was not easy to study, together with the organizers of the,,it,Locomotive,,en
E con il concerto di Richard Bona all’anfiteatro romano di Lecce e la jam session finale al museo ferroviario, ieri
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The "bottom" and Maps App: how they are changing our lives,,it,In this post we will not talk about complex maps created by developers but updated maps from below and how they are inexorably changing our lives.,,it,We start by repeating what is a map (or mapping) from the bottom?,,it,Quite simply, it is the practice of placing on the open source maps on the internet or on the appropriate app to download on your phone, the routes and places that everyone can find and of which anyone can enjoy.,,it,It says "mapping from the bottom" because they can and must do all with simple steps in an intuitive and easy, without being computer technicians or programming experts.,,it
In questo post non parleremo di complesse mappe create da sviluppatori ma di mappe aggiornate dal basso e di come
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villa ada concerto
Festival Villa Ada: Un festival Cool in tutti i sensi possibili
È estate (inutile ratificare l’ovvio) e noi di Movidabilia abbiamo particolarmente a cuore la movida, il divertimento, la musica, il
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due mani che cercano insieme un punto su una mappa
Ma a che cosa serve una mappa dei locali di divertimento e cultura accessibili?
Molti sanno che Movidabilia e tutta la popolazione che ama la cultura e il divertimento in Italia, da qualche mese
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