si avvicina l'evento do chiusura della campagna accessibility is cool
Making events in open spaces accessible: 6 methods tested and approved by Movidabilia,it
Vuoi rendere accessibili eventi culturali che stai organizzando con la tua associazione, con o per un ente o istituzione? Sei
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rendere un evento accessibile
How to make an event accessible,,it,How to make an event accessible? How,,it,do you plan and organize a cultural event, a festival, a show that is inclusive and truly open to everyone? Here is the answer, in 5 points.,,it,Are you organizing an event of any kind, an exhibition, a concert, a festival, a theatrical performance, and do you intend to make it accessible to everyone, giving particular attention to people with partial or total, temporary or permanent physical disabilities?,,it,And do you want to give the right access to culture also to people with sensory or intellectual and / or relational disabilities, as it should be when we really talk about accessibility?,,it
Come rendere un evento accessibile? Come si progetta e organizza una manifestazione culturale, un festival, uno spettacolo che sia inclusivo
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autism friendly cinema
Cinema accessibile: le pratiche Autism friendly e l’accessibilità trasversale
Autism friendly screenings and accessible cinema: what these good practices consist of and what are the new proposals for,,it,The reopening of cinemas and theaters will be planned in the coming weeks. But what will change in the world of culture, that,,it,Audio description in the theater: what is this new art in art, the future profession of the sector? The world of art is, for,,it,what can we do to prevent the socio-cultural fabric of the country from being compromised for the next few decades?,,it
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domenico de santis, presindente Movidabilia e direttore Flow
After reopening, the culture will never be the same. And how will it be?,it
La riapertura di cinema e teatri verrà pianificata nelle prossime settimane. Ma che cosa cambierà nel mondo della cultura, che
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audiodescrizione teatro - kelly-sikkema- unsplash
Audiodescrizione a teatro: una nuova frontiera professionale e artistica
L’audiodescrizione a teatro: in che cosa consiste questa nuova arte nell’arte, futura professione del comparto Il mondo dell’arte è, per
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vladimir et estragon - festival d0avignon
Cosa possiamo fare per evitare il baratro sociale del paese
cosa possiamo fare per evitare che il tessuto socio culturale del paese non sia compromesso per i prossimi decenni?(non parliamo
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Experimental projects and accessibility networks in Lecce,,it,seaside and tourist accessibility, experimental projects for inclusion, NETWORKS AND PARTNERSHIPS: Lecce as a case study,,it,In recent years, through the Accessibility is Cool project we have mapped (together with our readers and our social communities) the virtuous examples of accessibility around Italy.,,it,Today we focus our attention on some projects related to the Lecce area, our immediate field of action and the place where we manage the best networks of collaborations and partnerships.,,it,Let's start by talking about the Delfino project, a project for accessible tourism, linked to the Lecce marinas.,,it,6/03/2021,,en,Experimental projects and accessibility networks in Lecce,,it
seaside and tourist accessibility, experimental projects for inclusion, NETWORKS AND PARTNERSHIPS: Lecce as a case study In recent years, through the project,it
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domenico desantis che beve un caffe seduto in spiaggia con chitarra e cuscino
Online guitar lessons: Flow’s free option,,co,Flow's first basic guitar course starts, completely free. Here are all the details: who it is for, how to access it, who keeps it.,,it,What has changed in music schools and in the approach to music teaching in the last year?,,it,The first answer, which immediately leaps into everyone's mind, is probably related to online teaching: 2020 has confronted us with the need to continue learning to do new things through courses that pass from the web.,,it,The music courses are no exception and Flow, the Movidabilia music school, was not caught unprepared.,,it
Flow's first basic guitar course starts, completely free. Here are all the details: who is it for, how,it
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donna con in mano una maschera, sfondo nero
How to design an interesting play,,it,Creating a theatrical show that can have critical success and, even before that, also find investors, is not easy. But there are ways to create lyrics and performances that make a difference.,,it,The data speak for themselves: in the last 20 years, more than half of the shows staged in Italy are readjustments of ancient works (Shakespeare and Greek theater remain the leader), adaptations of film scripts or staging of theatrical plays considered new classics (Scarpetta in the lead for the Italian playwrights, Beckett among foreigners).,,it
Ideare uno spettacolo teatrale che possa avere un successo di critica e, ancor prima, trovare anche degli investitori, non è
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didattica a distanza accessibile - bermix-studio-unsplash
Accessible distance learning: small solutions to challenging management,it
E’ possibile creare e fare una Didattica a distanza accessibile? Proviamoci al massimo delle nostre possibilità, con alcuni trucchi e
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