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April 25 is the,,it,Liberation Day,,it,from Nazifascism. April 25 is not the Liberation Day in a broad and general sense. It is not the feast of Liberty, which is another matter. April 25 is the feast of the liberation of Italian territory from Nazi German troops allied with the fascist regime.,,it,Always good to remember, always useful to reiterate the obvious.,,it,But among the privileges of our time, also given by the liberation of that distant April 25, 1945, there is also the democratic exercise, the deepening and critical analysis of the present and of the forms of liberation not yet achieved.,,it festa della Liberazione dal Nazifascismo. Il 25 Aprile non è la festa della Liberazione in senso lato e generale. Non è la festa della Libertà, che è un’altra cosa. Il 25 Aprile è la festa della liberazione del territorio italiano dalle truppe tedesche naziste alleate del regime fascista.

Sempre bene ricordarlo, sempre utile ribadire l’ovvio.

Ma tra i privilegi del nostro tempo, dati anche dalla liberazione di quel lontano 25 Aprile 1945, c’è anche l’esercizio democratico, l’approfondimento e dell’analisi critica del presente e delle forme di liberazione non ancora raggiunte.

Among these, we are particularly concerned about the liberation from cultural barriers related to the world of disability, the social and political constraints that still tell us what is "normal" and, therefore, a priority and what is not and always remains on the margins .,,it,Our thanks to the partisans of liberation from cultural barriers,,it,Today there is a form of social partisanship that, in silence, and often in contrast with or abandoning institutions, works every day to break down these barriers, not only through volunteering but also through culture.,,it,Movidabilia wants to thank and embrace those who work every day to make culture accessible, a heritage common to all.,,it

Il nostro grazie ai partigiani della liberazione dalle barriere culturali

Grafica di Paolo Contaldo per invitare a mappare i teatri accessibili

Esiste oggi una forma di partigianeria sociale che, nel silenzio, e spesso in contrasto con le istituzioni o nell’abbandono dalle stesse, lavora ogni giorno per abbattere queste barriere, non solo attraverso il volontariato ma anche attraverso la cultura.

Movidabilia vuole ringraziare e abbracciare chi si adopera ogni giorno per rendere accessibile la cultura, patrimonio comune a tutti.

We want to thank operators and volunteers who do not consider disability and accessibility as a "secondary" problem, which can only be provided on the sidelines of major problems, but a part of the cultural, social and civic life of every city and every nation, an aspect without which society is partial, incomplete, prisoner of itself.,it

And even more, we like to think of the operators of culture, from the museum sector to the theater, from the cinema as a physical place and as an artistic creation to the organizers of concerts and shows, who see in the accessibility of culture at 360 degrees the true maximum expression of art and struggle every day in this direction. Because it's really about struggle,,it,partisan,,it,made of action and resistance.,,it,An "Accessible Action Experience" of culture starts,,it partigiana, fatta di azione e resistenza.

Parte una “Speriment’Azione accessibile” della cultura

Grafica di Paolo Contaldo per i festival musicali estivi accessibili

With this reflection and words of thanks to the partisans of the removal of architectural and cultural barriers that revolve around the world of disability, we want to announce the forthcoming departure of a new project created by Movidabilia together with the Italian Blind and Visually Impaired Union ( Provincial section of Lecce), the National Deaf Organization of Lecce and a network of cultural operators, together with the Municipality of Lecce and a company specialized in the audio prosthetic sector.,,it,Cover photo:,,it,Eleonora Loche in "Characters in search of an author".,,it,Photo by Ludovica Thursday.,,it,25/04/2020,,en

The "Accessible Action Experiment" project will test, develop and systemise national and international best practices in terms of culture and nightlife accessible and usable by all, with particular reference to people with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities.,,it,Speaking of precious path allies, in this project we find alongside us, as always,,,it,National Anffas,,it,, who developed the guidelines of the l,,it,easy to read language,,it,which will be tested for the first time in Lecce, as part of the Accessible Action Experiment.,,it

Parlando di alleati preziosi di percorso, in questo progetto troviamo al nostro fianco, come sempre del resto, Anffas nazionale, che ha sviluppato le linee guida del linguaggio facile da leggere che verrà sperimentato per la prima volta a Lecce, nell’ambito di Speriment’Azione Accessibile.

The general objective is always that, for us as a priority, to spread the culture of accessibility understood both in the architectural sense, as well as in the perceptive and cognitive sense, promoting and mapping the places of accessible culture and training volunteers who will have the task of informing and supporting , on the subject of accessibility, the cultural operators present in the network.,,it,Furthermore, we close with an aspect of the project that we particularly love: Movidabilia returns to the theater with its production, such as,,it,in April 2014, when everything started,,it,. But on this, we will have the opportunity to investigate soon.,,it,We wish everyone a happy Liberation Day,,it

Inoltre, chiudiamo con un aspetto del progetto che amiamo particolarmente: Movidabilia torna a teatro con una sua produzione, come nell’aprile 2014, quando tutto è partito. Ma su questo, avremo modo di approfondire presto.

Auguriamo a tutte e a tutti una buona festa della Liberazione, remembering it for what it is: a celebration of political and territorial liberation, which taught us to fight every day for what is right, at the expense of what is easy.,,it,initiatives,,it,And that Liberation is - Accessibilityiscool,,it

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Eleonora Loche in “Personaggi in cerca di autore”.
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