Make the deaf hear the music and show the shows to the blind: this is how we are succeeding,,it,With the Feel the Sound project, conceived by Movidabilia and included in the Locomotive Jazz Festival, we show the setting of a musical show to the blind and let the deaf hear the music. Here's how, in detail and with lots of photos.,,it,Ph. Carmelo Roberto Lab former Sava slaughterhouse. Feel the sound workshop.,,it,We promised and anticipated you in a post on,,it,coolest summer festival,,it,, we would have kept you updated on the news implemented by Movidabilia to make this year accessible as well,,it,, a revolutionary event not only for artistic and logistic choices but also for their approach to all that is inclusion.,,it

With the Feel the Sound project, conceived by Movidabilia, we show the setting of a musical show to the blind and let the deaf hear the music. Here's how, in detail and with lots of photos.,,it,We promised and anticipated it in a post, we would keep you updated on the innovations implemented by Movidabilia to make the,,it,The Movidabilia experiments offered to Locomotive for the accessibility of music at 360 degrees does not stop there.,,it

Ph. Carmelo Roberto Lab ex macello di Sava. Laboratorio feel the sound.

Ve lo avevamo promesso e anticipato in un post, vi avremmo tenuti aggiornati sulle novità messe in atto da Movidabilia per rendere accessibile anche quest’anno il Locomotive Jazz Festival.

And so here we are to tell you more about the second edition of the Feel The Sound laboratory, on the tactile visit for the blind and visually impaired to be held on August 7th before the concert of the,,it,Nude music,,it,and the upcoming uses of Subpac, a vibrating backpack / backrest used as a national preview at the Locomotive Jazz Festival.,,it,Make the deaf hear the music. Here's how, in the Feel the Sound lab,,it,ph. Carmelo Roberto. Maestro Musicoterapista Fabio De Vincentis for Feel the Sound,,it,This year it was the Ex Macello Lab of Sava (TA) that made its spaces available for the Feel The Sound laboratory.,,it Musica Nuda e dei prossimi utilizzi di Subpac, zainetto/schienale vibrante usato in anteprima nazionale al Locomotive Jazz Festival.

Far sentire la musica ai sordi. Ecco come, nel laboratorio Feel the Sound

ph. Carmelo Roberto. Maestro Musicoterapista Fabio De Vincentis per Feel the Sound

Quest’anno è stato l’Ex Macello Lab di Sava (TA) a mettere a disposizione i suoi spazi per il laboratorio Feel The Sound.
Maestro Musicoterapista Fabio De Vincentis and percussionist Antonio Olivetti, using percussion instruments and Tibetan bells and creating a circle of sharing and concentration, have taught hearing and deaf people to perceive music through the body, feeling and recognizing the different vibrations.,,it,Our body is made to welcome music. Our body can hear the music even before the auditory apparatus and this wealth that we have in us can be taught to the deaf and non-deaf, without distinction.,,it,New for the year at Feel the Sound: Subpac backpack / backrest,,it,Subpac,,en
Il nostro corpo è fatto per accogliere la musica. Il nostro corpo può sentire la musica prima ancora dell’apparato uditivo e questa ricchezza che abbiamo in noi può essere insegnata a sordi e non sordi, indistintamente.

far sentire la musica ai sordi_movidabilia con feel the sound
ph. Carmelo Roberto. Maestro Musicoterapista Fabio De Vincentis per Feel the Sound

Novità dell’anno a Feel the Sound: zainetto/schienale Subpac

Subpac is a backpack / backrest created by two American deaf Djs; directly from America we ordered, thanks to the funds received with the,,it,5 × 1000 to Movidabilia,,es,, one of these tools that allows deaf people to "hear" the music by turning the internal organs into an ear.,,it,ph. Carmelo Roberto. SubPac backpack and back at Feel the Sound laboratory,,it,How does this magic happen?,,it 5×1000 a Movidabilia , uno di questi strumenti che permette alle persone sorde di “sentire” la musica trasformando gli organi interni in un orecchio.

zainetto subpac per far sentire la musica ai sordi
ph. Carmelo Roberto. Zainetto e schienale SubPac al laboratorio Feel the Sound

Come avviene questa magia?
Subpac technology silently and accurately transfers frequencies to create an immersive experience in music. In practice Subpac allows receptors on the skin to register surface vibrations, to receptors in the muscles to detect subtle changes in strength and intensity and also to the bones to make the vibrations of the music pulse making them feel like an "inner ear".,,it,ph. Carmelo Roberto. The emotion of "hearing the music" with the Subpac backrest,,it,Having experienced the last year the,,it,casse Vibe Tribe,,en,, we also wanted to try this new tool with our Locomotive partners.,,it

zainetto subpac per far sentire la musica ai sordi
ph. Carmelo Roberto. L’emozione di “sentire la musica” con lo schienale Subpac

Dopo aver sperimentato lo scorso anno le casse Vibe Tribe, we also wanted to try this new tool with our Locomotive partners. & nbsp;,,it,You can support Movidabilia,,it,buying one of our T-Shirts,,it,and becoming the testimonial of the #AccessibilityIsCool campaign.,,it,26/07/2019,,en

Also this year the boys and girls of Anffas Sava, with their curiosity and desire to learn, have allowed us to have the opinion of even hearing people and people with intellectual and / or relational disabilities on this instrument.,,it,Also this year the whole laboratory was marked in LIS by our tireless,,it,ph. Carmelo Roberto. Monica Renna, constant support for the LIS language of Movidabilia.,,it,Next stages of Subpac,,it,Subpac's first "official" appearance in a concert was on the occasion of the Tarantine stages of the Locomotive jazz Festival.,,it

Anche quest’anno tutto il laboratorio è stato segnato in LIS dalla nostra instancabile Monica Renna.

laboratorio_feel the sound
ph. Carmelo Roberto. Monica Renna, costante supporto per la lingua LIS di Movidabilia.

Prossime tappe di Subpac

La prima apparizione “ufficiale” di Subpac in un concerto è stata in occasione delle tappe tarantine del Locomotive jazz Festival.

The Aragonese Castle was the right location, in terms of cultural depth and beauty, for the concert of Locomotive Youth musicians with Rosalia De Souza as guest of honor.,,it,Also the singer Rosalia de Sousa tries Subpac,,it,Antonio d’Ambrogio, member of Anffas, experimenter by passion,,it,Subpac al Locomotive Jazz Festival,,en,Audience of the evening,,it,We will find the backpack / shoulder of the wonders in Cutrofiano, on August 6th, for the music evening of,,it,Maria Mazzotta,,it,, accompanied by the young accordionist Vince Abbraciante. The two artists will propose to the Museum of Ceramics in Cutrofiano, a repertoire that draws on the tradition of Southern Italy and the Mediterranean countries, interpreting everything with contemporary sounds.,,it

Ritroveremo lo zainetto/spalliera delle meraviglie a Cutrofiano, il prossimo 6 agosto, per la serata di musica di Maria Mazzotta, accompagnata dal giovane fisarmonista Vince Abbraciante. I due artisti proporranno al Museo della Ceramica di Cutrofiano, un repertorio che attinge dalla tradizione del Sud Italia e dei Paesi del Mediterraneo, interpretando il tutto con sonorità contemporanee.

Even these sounds will be "heard" by everyone thanks to Subpac.,,it,How to show a stage to the blind,,it,Official graphics of the event.,,it,The Movidabilia and Locomotive experiments for the accessibility of 360-degree music does not stop there.,,it,A concert is not just music: it is also a stage, an exhibition, faces and expressions of the performers. Also this part of a musical event can become accessible to the blind and visually impaired thanks to the tactile visits on the stage to do before the event.,,it,We will do it on August 7th at the concert of,,it,in the Brindisi stage of the Locomotive jazz Festival, at the Fishermen's Village.,,it

Come far vedere un palco ai ciechi

Grafica ufficiale dell’evento.

Le sperimentazioni di Movidabilia offerte al Locomotive per l’accessibilità della musica a 360 gradi non si ferma qui.

Un concerto non è solo musica: è anche palco, allestimento, visi e espressioni dei performer. Anche questa parte di un evento musicale può diventare alla portata di ciechi e ipovedenti grazie alle visite tattili sul palco da fare prima dell’evento.

Noi lo faremo il 7 agosto al concerto dei Musica Nuda nella tappa brindisina del Locomotive jazz Festival, presso il Villaggio dei Pescatori.

A group of blind and partially sighted people can (by booking by calling Movidabilia on 327 8288100), access the stage before the event and, accompanied by the Movidabilia volunteers, touch the space, the faces of the musicians, the instruments and see the stage through the tactile experience.,,it,Don't miss all our upcoming updates on the accessibility of festivals and summer events, following us on,,it,25/07/2019,,en

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